Be more independent and control your entire home from a single remote.

Prices start from £3,099

Using one remote with a user friendly interface eliminates confusion. From this remote there are many possibilities to aid you. From controlling all of your music and film library without the fumbling to load discs, to alerting you that someone is at the front door, the possibilities are endless.

Automated follow-me lights that switch on and off as you enter rooms, low level hallway lighting that switches on should you need to get up during the night, notify a family member/carer automatically via text should any of your house alarms be activated.

A ‘bedtime’ setting can ensure the house is locked and alarmed at the touch of a button along with blind closure, and adjust your heating to an ambient night-time temperature. If the doorbell is pressed an automated camera could show you who is there or even trigger the lights to flash to alert you. Carer access is also possible in case of emergencies.

One remote, total control

Control the things that are important to you from one simple remote. Whether this be your heating, lighting or even your TV or music, the user friendly interface ensures you can have things just the way you like them.

Make a home, a smart one

Each one of us have our own specific needs. The home automation system can be tailored to you and your individual requirements to ensure you live more comfortably and conveniently.

Regain your independance

Use home automation to support you in being independent and safe both in and out of your home. From checking you turned off the cooker while you are out to automated low level lighting should you need to get up during the night, we can assist and advise you in finding a solution to aid your independence.