Escape Rooms - Never be jealous of a Bond villain's headquarters again.

Escape rooms now from £599.00

Escape Room Picture this: you sit back to watch your favourite film and the automated system dims the lights and closes the blinds - and if you pause for a comfort break the lights automatically come up again.

Turn your entertainment centre into a true home theatre system. Access all your digital content from your old CDs, DVDs and Blu-rays using your smartphone, tablet, or choice of one of our many remotes designed for purpose.

Our award-winning ceiling speakers enhance your listening experience. Not only are they almost invisible but they also give a rich sound experience, perfect for when you want to lose yourself in your music collection. Visit us now and hear it for yourself.

Make the most of mood lighting when immersing yourself in gaming, add in incredible surround sound and you’ll be convinced you’re out there on the pitch under the stadium lights or exploring the realms of some fantastical other world.

With our escape rooms starting out at just £599.00 they are a very affordable way to start your journey with Norfolk Smarthomes.

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Like the cinema, only better.

Your own bespoke cinema. The Control4 system ensures that your experience is specifically tailored to you, so you get to choose your optimum lighting levels, surround sound preferences, and temperature.

Take control with your own smartphone or tablet

The MyHome app allows your smartphone or tablet to control just about anything in your home from almost anywhere. Something else to brag about at the pub!

The brain behind it all

The smart controller brings together the electronic devices in your home allowing them to work seamlessly together. No matter the size of your home, whether you are automating a single room or an enormous mansion, Control4 controllers are capable of powering your entire home automation system.