From newborn babies to teenagers, the home automation system can work for you.

Prices start from £3,999

Imagine being able to check on your baby on your TV screen when they are in the nursery, night-time low level lighting accompanied by soothing music at the touch of a button when you tend to their needs during the night. For older children the audio and visual systems can be accessed in any room of the house.

No more fighting over the TV, as your entire music and DVD library can be accessed, with something different playing in every room. How about using your teenager’s favourite album as their alarm clock? Set it to come on and become increasingly louder, you could even have the blinds automatically open after ten minutes for those who are particularly difficult to wake up.

One button on your way out of the house can switch off all the lights, turn down the heating and turn off the hair straighteners or iron. There is a sensor that knows when your children get home from school and automatically sends you a text so you know they are home safely. Home automation is not only great for a greener home but brings peace of mind.

So easy, it's childs play

Intuitive user interfaces ensure your remote is understandable for the whole family. With clear symbols and simple menus, you can easily access your entire smart home.

Keeping an eye on your loved ones

From watching your baby sleeping in their nursery without leaving your sofa to checking to see if the kids are doing their homework while you are still at work, the home automation system ensures your total peace of mind.

Brings a new meaning to 'film night'

Your entire film collection stored in one place, flick through the cover art and descriptions without moving from the sofa. Create your very own home cinema; as the film begins the lights automatically dim and the heating turns up a little for comfort when seated.