Take full control of every room, every light and every TV on the premises.

£POA due to number of possibilities

With one remote you can create different ambient atmospheres in different areas, for example the TV playing football in one room with the music playing and disco lights in another.

Different lighting scenes according to the time of day or day of the week can create the perfect ambience. For tradesmen and deliveries timed access to the building (or part of the building) means that it isn't even necessary for a staff member to be there to meet them.

For your peace of mind a ‘shut down’ button means that with a single touch of a button the lights turn off, heating turns down and the alarm is automatically activated. Security cameras can be checked out of hours if the alarm is triggered, you can see if it is a false alarm without even leaving the comfort of your own home.

Remotely control the Ambience

Create specific lighting scenes for different times of the day or even days of the week. There is no reason why your weekend lighting should look the same as it does during the week, why not give the place a completely different feel to celebrate the weekend. Or add a sense of drama.

The comfortable environment

Ambient temperatures and lighting levels can be monitored and controlled via your smart remote. Choose a music playlist to suit the atmosphere.

Happy customers, happy business

Create different music playlists to suit every occasion with a corresponding lighting scene to accompany it! Disco lights and lively tunes in one area with warm lighting and a relaxing melody in another. The versatility of the Control4 system means that you can adjust every aspect to suit any mood.