Gate Intercom Systems

Automated Gates and Garage Door Smart Technology

Keep your home secure with electric gates and protect your cars with an automated garage door that opens and closes at the touch of a button. Our Norfolk Smart Homes Smart Gate Control systems use state-of-the-art technology that is linked to your phone and is only controllable by you and designated family members. As soon as you approach your gates or garage door, you can enable your Smart technology to open them automatically, or simply use your app.

Live Feed Gate Video Intercom

Additionally, your electric gates can be wired through to a live feed gate video intercom so you instantly see who is outside. Allow in who you want or refuse entry from the comfort of anywhere in your home and give yourself that extra layer of security that is essential for the safety of your family.

Instantly Lock, Instantly Secure

Once you’ve driven through your gates, set your gates to close automatically or alternatively, just touch the button again to instantly lock them keeping you and your family secure and protected from unwanted intruders. You can also add a second layer of security to your garage doors and gates with a live-feed home automated camera system that keeps an eye on what’s going on outside of your property, and immediately alerting you when something is amiss. With both systems working hand-in-hand, you can rest easy knowing that your home is perfectly secure.

Easy Access Control

With our gate control solution you can easily control who and when others have access into your property. With the Control4 app you can easily change user codes the times they are permitted access and delete them all from the touch of your phone.

Garage Doors

If you want your garage door to operate at the touch of a button or even automatically then Norfolk Smart Homes is here to help. Imagine – no more getting out of your car and leaving it unattended while you manually lift your heavy garage door. No more standing in the pouring rain getting wet while shutting the garage, and no more worrying about who might be lurking in your driveway late at night when you want to park your car securely. You stay warm, dry and safely inside your vehicle letting your Smart technology do all the work.

A Smart garage door controller is an excellent home feature that links to a motorised system on your garage door. The controller alerts the system either when you approach - or when you touch a button on the corresponding App - and instantly opens, closing again when you want it to. You drive through, park your car and don’t even have to lift a finger (well, maybe just a fingertip!).

Automatic Garage Door Closure

Our garage door Smart technology is so advanced; we can set it to alert you if you’ve left your garage door open. In fact, it can even be programmed to automatically close if it’s been left open for a set period of time. So even the most forgetful people don’t need to worry about leaving the garage door open. Every time the technology upgrades itself, it updates your App too, there’s very little for you to do. For more information on what our Smart garage door control can do for you, contact Norfolk Smart Homes here.

Gate Control

Many people have a gated front to their home to protect their property from unwanted visitors but gates also create a smart focal point. While they do offer extra security, what makes gates really secure and safe for your home and family is when they set up with automated control.

Norfolk Smart Homes can provide you with a Smart technology gate control system that allows you to control opening and closing of your gates with the swipe of a finger. You can also set your gates to automatically close after a predetermined time. As your gate control is connected to your smartphone, you can even set your gates to automatically open as you approach.

Control Your Gates When You’re Not at Home

Our systems are operable even remotely - if a courier is delivering a parcel and you’re not in, you can allow them to enter your property, and exit again, with smart home enabled gate control technology.

Site Survey

If you decide an automated gate system is something you’d like installed, we’d begin with a visit to your home - at a time convenient to you - to conduct a site survey to determine the best secure gate control for your needs. We’ll then tailor a quote and, provided you’re happy, our skilled engineers will organise to install your state-of-the-art gate control whenever you’re ready.

For further information on Gate Control, contact Norfolk Smart Homes here.