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installing at-home cinema experiences in Norfolk

Imagine... a home cinema room of your very own with mind-blowing cinematic surround sound, on your huge screen where you view your movie or television favourites! Incredibly sharp pictures with monumental audio to transport you to another dimension, music to make your ears pop with excitement – that’s how superb the Norfolk Smart Homes Home Cinema system is – it’s awe-inspiring and it could be all yours.

  • Ultimate immersive surround sound giving you a true home cinema experience
  • Perfect pairing of screen and projector for unrivalled 4K viewing
  • Easy to use with just one remote control
  • Clutter Free, Bespoke Finish
  • Professional turnkey service design through to full installation

Our Smart Home Cinemas are so advanced that we are the go-to for installing at-home cinema experiences in Norfolk. Take a look at our cinema systems and be inspired.


Try Dolby Atmos speakers. These incredible theatre-grade speakers make your sound experience even more like the multiplex cinema that you love but in the comfort of your own home. The omni-directional speakers take surround sound to a new level, discreetly set into your walls or your ceiling, these speakers are out of sight but not out of earshot! There’s nothing quite like it and it’s the very best type of sound for a Home Cinema – it cannot be beaten. Literally immerse yourself into the sound of your favourite movies and music and feel as if you’re right there in the same place as a live performance.

Watch What You Want Without Worrying About the Kids!

Our Home Cinema systems are so advanced that they can even be programmed to pick up when a child enters the room, instantly pausing your viewing so there are no inappropriate moments. Watch what you want, when you want and don’t worry about the little ones interrupting.

Building The Home Cinema Of Your Dreams

We know there are hundreds of elements that go into creating a home cinema that is exactly what you want. We can advise on solutions that not only meet your budget but also make the most of your home cinema. Our service covers the design, construction, product sourcing and installation of your home cinema system. We’re here to help your home cinema reach its technological potential that ensures you have the greatest home cinema experience.

How do we achieve this?

With our home cinema, bring your ultimate Home Cinema to life.


Lighting is a crucial element to really give the relaxed feel of a cinema room.Our space frame system allows us to be truly creative with hidden led lighting while also hiding all the speakers and wires at the same time. A Star Ceiling gives the ultimate ‘star-studded’ finish. One hundred fibres carefully positioned to create a natural night sky illusion in your very own home. Make movie nights magical and out of this world with Star Ceiling.


Our stretched fabric systems allow a bespoke solution for the room to control the sound and position speakers where they sound best without being seen. The fabrics also come in a huge variety of colours so you can tailor the design to exactly what you want in your home cinema - from classic blacks and greys, to lime green, purple or ocean blue, we have a fabric to suit your requirements.

Cinema Screens

Whether you want to install a state-of-the-art cinematic projector or the latest technological TV, we have the expertise to find the perfect set up for your space. Choosing a high-quality screen for your home cinema projector can make all the difference in image quality. What's more, this also has a bearing on where and how your all important speakers can be installed so for the ultimate in home cinema performance get in touch.

Cinema Seating

Another key element to your bespoke home cinema is the perfect viewing position. There is a huge range of seating to choose from, including tiered seating that ensures all of your guests will have the ultimate view. We can help you choose the best design for your cinema room that helps you make the most of the incredible new addition to your home.

Ultimate Tech Elements

Our Smart Home Cinema systems work with just one remote control that does everything for you. That means no more untidy multiple controllers, no flicking between two different remote controls or looking for the one that you need. With Control4 Neeo, there’s just one, simple remote to control your entire Home Cinema experience, from your movie selection, sound and even lighting control – that’s Smart!

All Types of Smart Home Audio-Visual

If you’re looking for a Home Cinema system in Norwich, look no further. With years of technological expertise, our professional engineers, electricians and AV specialists can create the home cinema space that you dream of. There are endless possibilities and as technology keeps on moving, our Smart home cinema can grow with it. We specialise in all aspects of audio-visual at home using Smart technology. Have your at-home cinema at the touch of a button, easily controllable so that you don’t even need to think about it.

Visit Our Showroom

To elevate your audio visual experience at home, pop into the Norfolk Smart Homes Showroom just south of Norwich or call one of our team. We’ll visit your home and discuss the options available, tailoring a package that suits your needs and your budget. We are the Home Cinema specialists, so to get in touch with a Smart expert, contact Norfolk Smart Homes here.