For the safety conscious we offer endless possibilities for peace of mind.

Prices start from £2,899

Check that your doors are locked or see who rang the doorbell without even moving from your sofa. Create a ‘bedtime’ button - one switch to shut your house down for the night. Lock doors, arm the alarm, close blinds, switch lights off and turn the heating down. Light sensors can trigger low level lighting in the hallways at night. Imagine the convenience of lights switching on automatically as you enter your property with hands full of shooping.

Even when you are on holiday a text could alert you of an emergency - perhaps a water leak or the house alarm going off. Set your home to ‘holiday’ mode where the blinds and lights work on timers to give the illusion that someone is home. The same mode can also make sure you have lowered the heating temperature and switched off the iron/straighteners. You can even double check as your arrive at the airport.

Email notifications giving you peace of mind

Text or email notifications if your house alarm sounds while you are away. This in turn allows you to check from your smart device whether or not it is a false alarm by accessing your security camera and giving a live feed of your home.

Who's at the door?

By pressing the doorbell the security camera is triggered, this in turn can either bring a live visual to your smart device or even your TV, so that you can see who has arrived without having to go to the door.

Stay in remote control of your home

Control your lighting to give the illusion someone is at home while you are away or turn up the heating if you are going to arrive home earlier than anticipated during the cold weather. You could even check to see if the gardener has been while you are on holiday!