Smart Lighting Installers

Enjoy your very own personal performance.

Imagine intuitive, intelligent lighting that instantly turns itself on when you walk into a dark room or dims at the touch of a button without you having to get up from the comfort of your sofa! The lighting system you choose for your home or your office makes all the difference to the ambience and can transform your space into something extra-special.

Scene Setting

For rooms where there are multiple circuits of lighting, scene control avoids the need for lots of complicated switches or dimmers to achieve the lighting required. Creating effective mood lighting goes hand in hand with easy control, being able to set a lighting scene from the touch of a button really makes those transitions in your space easy. One of the most powerful lighting scenes is the all off button - imagine the ability to turn all the lights off in the house when you go to bed with the touch of just one button.

Endless Lighting Possibilities

Smart lighting control gives you endless possibilities: it’s not just there to protect your home or office, or create stunning scene control atmospheric rooms, with our team of designers we can create a home lighting automation system that is perfectly tailored to your needs.

All Types of Smart Lighting:

  • Hallway Lighting
  • Flashing Lighting
  • Instant Dimming
  • Colourful Lighting
  • Automated Lighting
  • Low-level Lighting
  • App control

Auto-Dim Smart Lighting

To enhance your family film nights, your intelligent lighting can be set to automatically dim as you put on your favourite movie and instantly brighten when you pause your film or as the credits roll!

Alert Lighting

Want flashing lighting? It can be arranged – you could use it as an alert system when the kids need to come down for dinner! Need low-level lighting for the middle of the night? With Norfolk Smart Homes Smart lighting, we can organise automated, low-level lighting that comes on in your hallways when you don’t want to disturb the slumber of other members of your household.

Set the Mood with Warm or Cool Lighting

Lighting can also be set to change your room from warm to cool lighting, depending on your mood. Imagine how wonderful it would be to create the perfect atmosphere for entertaining family and friends! Now you can. With Norfolk Smart Homes, you can select specific lighting that is personalised to what you want, for early in the morning, for late at night, when you’re working from home or when you’re cooking up a storm in the kitchen. With a quick touch of a button on our remote control or through your WIFI via our app, you instantly change the mood.

Smart Lighting for the Outdoors

Intelligent lighting spans outside your home too, from the security systems we’ve mentioned to garden lighting that creates a mesmerising display for your guests to enjoy. Showcase your patio, bring your plant bedding to life, put a lustrous sheen on your grass – there’s so much that we can do. Why not get in contact with us today to discuss your Smart lighting project?

  • Garden Lighting
  • Security Lighting
  • Patio Lighting
  • Automated Lighting
  • Automated Lighting

Security Lighting

Smart lighting is essential for good security whether for your home or your office. As well as setting your lighting to immediately switch on the moment a visitor appears on your premises in your driveway or garden, our Smart lighting can be integrated with your alarm system. This supports your home security and gives you and your family even more protection.

Our brilliant Smart lighting also works remotely, to protect your home or place of work from prying eyes. As an example, you can set your lighting to switch on whenever you want so that even while travelling, your home or place of work looks occupied giving you that extra layer of security for added peace of mind.

Not only can you set your lighting to regularly switch on or off when away from your home, you can use Smart lighting to react to certain circumstances such as turn on as soon as it gets dark or react to your smoke detector and start flashing in the event of fire. Smart lighting is not just for mood enhancement, it also acts as an excellent deterrent to intruders or assistant to homeowners during times of danger.

Adding Additional Lighting

After installing Smart lighting, you can easily add to it. Our system can be upgraded at any time to include new rooms, new lighting configurations, new colours and more.

Control Your Lighting

Wherever you are, at home, out and about, at the office or even abroad with Norfolk Smart Homes’ intelligent lighting you can control what lighting switches on, what lighting switches off and even automate it, all thanks to our intuitive app! Set a schedule, or just turn the lights on or off whenever you want to, it couldn’t be easier and it keeps your home or office nice and secure.

The Cost Savings of Smart Lighting

There are so many benefits to smart lighting, from helping the elderly and disabled to get around the home safely and easily, to creating remarkable ambience in your favourite rooms. There are also cost savings. Yes, there is an initial outlay to installing Smart lighting in your home but in the long-run, intelligent lighting is very cost-effective. Smart light bulbs that are dimmable have a longer lifespan by more than 20 times in comparison to regular light bulbs. They also could reduce your home energy expenses by up to 40%. Installed across your home, your energy savings could end up being extensive. Obviously, it depends on the correct use of LED lighting, your connectivity, sensors and controls. Remember, LED bulbs don’t heat up as much as regular light bulbs which not only extends their life, saves on energy. When you speak to one of Norfolk Smart Homes’ expert electricians, you’ll understand more about what you could save.

Lighting Packages

While Norfolk Smart Homes can tailor a bespoke package for all your lighting needs, we do have an extremely affordable Whole House Lighting Control package that starts from just £599.00 This enhances your home with the best possible Smart lighting.

Installed by Experts

Enjoy hassle-free installation by Norfolk Smart Homes. Our electricians are all professionals and fully qualified. When you ask us to install Smart lighting, one of our team will visit your home and conduct a site survey as well as discuss your requirements. Following that meeting, we provide you with a no-obligation quotation. When you’re ready to go – we’ll book in a mutually convenient time to install your lighting and it’s good to know that we work quietly and tidily.

For further information on Smart lighting for your home or office, get in touch with the experts at Norfolk Smart Homes here.