Smart systems enhance smart businesses - fact.

Prices start from £1,329.00

A smooth running office is essential for a successful business, and meetings with clients should always leave a lasting impression. During a presentation imagine the efficiency and ease of one button bring the projector screen down, closing the blinds and dimming the lights - this is easily achievable with this automation system. For both staff and client well-being the climate and music can be adjusted to suit specific needs.

For your security, automated cameras can switch onto the receptionists screen when someone arrives, or you could have a text alert if the alarm sounds out of office hours. An ‘away’ button could mean at the end of the day the whole office is shut down, this could include shutting off lights and music, turning down the heating and arming the alarm.

Create a lasting impression for greater opportunities

A smart, efficient workspace will ensure your clients perceive you in the right way. All business look for 'that edge' - so stand out from other businesses by making the smart automation systems work for you. This can be tailored to the individual needs of the business and we can work with you to create something bespoke and spectacular.

Making your workspace smarter

Efficiency saves time and energy. An automatic shutdown button as you leave the office for the day will ensure that lights aren't mistakenly left on, the heating lowers to a more cost effective level and the alarm is set for your security and peace of mind.

Remote control systems enhance business presentations and conferences

Use your smart device to capture your clients full attention at the presentation. One device can quite literally control everything from dimming the lights to your preferred level and then illuminating again when required, bringing down your projector screen and playing audio and visual aids to the client. This effective and seamless presentation will leave a lasting impression.